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The Evolution in Physician Marketing

Business meeting

Rules for pharmaceutical marketers are becoming increasingly complex. What's the latest advice for reaching your physician audience?

Pharma Spotlight10

The Debate Over Taxing University Drug Royalties

Billions of dollars in drug sale royalties flow into U.S. universities each year, raising the question of whether to tax these public institutions.

Computer Modelling Answers 'What Ifs' in Drug Discovery

Ways in which pharma researchers are using computer modelling and computer simulation in their search for new therapies.

Affordable Care Act Boosts Pharma Profits

The Affordable Care Act should be a net positive for the pharmaceutical industry when fully implemented.

Pharma's Lawsuit Settlements

Levying larger settlements on pharmas has not eliminated fraudulent off-label marketing practices.

What Strategies Can a Pharma Marketer Use to Reach Doctors?

Amid an evolving health care landscape, marketing pharmaceuticals to physicians has grown more complicated.

Viagra Use Associated With Melanoma Risk

A retrospective study published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests there may be an association between sildenafil (Viagra) use and melanoma.

A Social Media Strategy for Pharmas

Until now, pharmas have been slow to dive into social media for fear of running afoul of FDA regulations.

The Most Prescribed Medications by Drug Class

Records were broken in the number of prescriptions filled in the United States in 2010. The majority of prescriptions were for generics rather than brand-name drugs.

Top Lay-offs in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2013

The lay-offs within the pharmaceutical industry continued in 2013.

Top Sites for Tracking Pharma News

Online sources for keeping up-to-date on pharmaceutical industry news and trends.

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